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Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Movie

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie - Twilight 4 Movie
If you’re still wondering the answer if yes: there will be a Breaking Dawn movie based on the fourth book of the Twilight saga written by Stephenie Meyer. Summit Entertainment was smart enough to lock in the rights for all the Twilight sequels and the actors have signed on for all the movies. If everything goes as smoothly as planned with the production of New Moon and Eclipse, then the Twilight SagaBreaking Dawn movie should be released in 2011.
Plot – Synopsis:
Twilight 4 Movie - Breaking Dawn“Bella and Edward are finally together: following their wedding they go in honeymoon to an island off the coast of Brazil. Over there Bella, still a human, got pregnant from her husband Edward, who is a vampire.
The crossbreed child to be born is cause of concern even before her birth: the werewolves feel the child could be a threat to them (putting Jacob , and even the vampires aren’t really at ease…
During childbirth Bella loses so much blood that she is on the verge of death. But Edward must fulfill his promise to make his wife Bella into a vampire in order to save her.
Will Edward and Bella be able to save their daughter?”
More information at: Breaking Dawn Trailer
Obviously Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner will be back for the movie Twilight Break Dawn
Unfortunately, “as usual” with Summit Entertainment, it is hard to guess who could be the director of Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn. No need to worry though, because no matter what, we all know that Stephenie Meyer will act as the ultimate guardian of her masterpiece. And if need be, fans are here to help to keep things on track.
Below a video of Stephenie Meyer talking about the Breaking Dawn novel:

There are so many details and subplots in Breaking Dawn, that unfortunately a movie could not cover them all. So aside from the main plot, what do you think is absolutely necessary in the Twilight movieBreaking Dawn for it to be considered as faithful to the original source material?

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